Community/Regional Programs

"Adventure Engine has provided our industry with the essential 'missing link' in connecting our tourism products with the rapidly expanding visitor markets that are now making extensive use of the Internet to make travel decisions and purchases. The system was designed with small to medium operators in mind, and provides almost an infinite range of flexibility in designing and managing trip inventories and itineraries for online sales. The range of services extends beyond technical assistance and includes real-time advice on best practices in terms of positioning product on the Internet. And on top of all this, the price is very reasonable. Adventure Engine has proven to be a valuable ally in our advance into Internet marketing."

Richard Zieba, Director
Tourism and Parks Government of the Northwest Territories


About Community/Regional Programs

It is a widely accepted industry standard that in order to be competitive, individual operators need to have online reservation systems but this has the effect of scattering the user experience once customers arrive at the destination regional tourism website.

Now entire regions need to get their products online to provide a seamless booking experience for online shoppers and agents. To date communities and regional tourism associations have struggled to provide one vehicle for all of their members that is both an effective online marketing and sales tool yet accessible to all of their members.  Adventure Engine 'Communities' system allows an unlimited number of operators in a region to use and access online technology for one low price with a la carte system features. This supports multiple wins as the individual regional members gain access to critical technology, the consumer can easily book their own multi-tour packages and the regional tourism office can meet their mandates.

Regional trips can be combined in virtually endless ways online allowing for search, package and book functionality for customers visiting the regional website. In one stop to the tourism site customers can buy several tour products, nights' accommodation and a charter flight.  All the tourism members can access cutting edge administration tools, reservation system, ecommerce shopping carts, merchant accounts and access numerous third party agent outlets for their products.

Click here to download a short PDF slideshow on our Community/Regional Programs.



    1. Centralize your tourism products efficiently, effectively, affordably, easily
    2. Convert shoppers to buyers
    3. Promote your region and your members
    4. Increase exposure to both local and international visitors
    5. Provide easy to use technical and marketing resources for your members.  Members manage their own product
    6. Dynamically package multiple products on your site and attract visitors
    7. Link member’s trips with local accommodations, partners and agents so everyone can sell
    8. Help your members and your region grow and profit
    9. Improve service to visitors through your community website and sell more
    10. Help everyone save time and money
    11. Provide back office booking management solutions, availability calendars, shopping carts and more to your members
    12. Never worry about stale trip or company information again - all the trips are in real time
    13. Distribution network: AE will work on behalf of Communities to promote their database of trips to travel agents and global online travel sites increasing exposure for regional members. Utilizing new technology, your region can build a valuable distribution network to create local and international partnerships, save members' time and money and improve customer service.
    14. Language translation
    15. Multi currency

How It Works

The community organization administers the supplier account.  It is customized to allow your members access to only their trips, members can then:

    1. Check availability
    2. Run reports
    3. Load trips/products and edit
    4. Develop system so company profile and contact can be programmed and assigned per trip, not per supplier

Suppliers load their own packages, supplier products, etc.  The community organization can charge a small monthly fee for the service to recover costs and the fee will be far less than if the supplier registered individually.


What Your Doing Now vs. What You Can Do With Adventure Engine


    1. Visitors go to your regional website and click through the main page to find a list of activities
    2. The visitor clicks on the activity of interest
    3. The visitor has to click in and out of each operator website to see if this is the type of trip they want
    4. Often the website they reach will not have dates available nor will they be able to book online
    5. The visitor must try to contact the company by phone or email creating a significant delay
    6. This is very time consuming process and can be frustrating for a visitor


    1. The visitor has just walked into a hotel / visitor center / chamber or commerce
    2. The visitor wants to participate in an activity (i.e. biking)
    3. The attendee behind the counter gives the visitor a group of brochures, leaving it to the visitor to contact the supplier


    1. Attempting a partnership, the hotelier can sell seats given to him in a "block" reserved for his hotel
    2. If that block is sold out, he has no other options
    3. The supplier in this situation is also left trying to find out who sold what to whom, often leading to underselling or double booking trips. Regional websites rarely showcase neighbouring region products as it is labour intensive, this limits cross-regional packaging and tourism visits.

With Adventure Engine

    1. Visitors and partners alike (i.e. hotels) visit your website and can search local activities by activity type, availability, group size, speciality, and more
    2. Visitors are able to book and pay for these activities quickly and securely without placing a call or email to the supplier
    3. If that particular operator assigned you a commission to distribute his/her trips, the commission payment would be directly deposited into your bank account
    4. Everyone (visitor, operator, community) receives an automatic email notification, and payments are handled automatically allowing easy use and growth of partner networks
    5. For regional sites that choose this option, they can easily show neighbouring products on their website to allow for optimal vacation planning


Program Steps

    1. Consultation
    2. Account creation
    3. Suppliers are given unique login and password to add, edit and manage their own trips
    4. Add a booking engine to your Tourism/Association website, partner websites and member websites
    5. Now visitors to the site can easily search, compare and buy your regional product without leaving the main website


Pricing Information

Programs vary but start up can be as low as $5000 for an entire region!  Call today for consultation.

Additional services for communities include:

  1. Campaign consultation for your members reviewing benefits and options
  2. Online presentations
  3. Speak at conferences
  4. Facilitate on-site workshops
  5. Ongoing training and support to ensure success adoption and system use

  6. Integration is easy and quick with no change to existing sites.


    For More Information

    Part of a viable tourism strategy is recognizing the need for tourism product, packaging, promotion and visitor care in the community.  Adventure Engine is a system that respects the diverse needs of various community organizations and is accessible to everyone.  If you would like to discuss our community/regional programs further, please contact us at 1-800-993-6648 or by email at

    We look forward to discussing your community tourism strengths and challenges, and working with you to find the right solution. We look forward to meeting with your tourism stake-holders to discuss your needs, and would be happy to provide a virtual presentation to your board members.