Adventure Engine is a reservation / inventory management system and powers distribution to tourism operators own web sites and agent channels.

Base Module . .
The following lists the major functionality. We suggest you request a private demo so our staff can show you the system based on your organizations needs. Built by and for tourism operators it can perform to meet the majority of operators needs. If you require anything special we can build it for you.
Features can also be reviewed in 2-5 minute videos here

Real-time Booking Engine (displays availability, price, dates, itineraries, gear requirements, level of difficulty, min/max seats/trip, waivers, deposits and photos)

Online store capabilities (online sales processing, customers can check availability and book on their own from your web site)

Include an online merchant account preferred credit card discount rates (Visa 2.25%, MC 2.39%, 3% AmEx), no monthly rental fees, no start up fees
OR Use your own online account (option pricing based on your bank)

fully scalable - load two trips or two thousand trips.

Trip Set Up

1.Adventure Engine staff loads all of your trips

2.each trip can be set up with unique client questions, optional gear/extras

3.extras functionality:program gear, rentals and extras tracking (including souvenir items, photo packages etc)

4.flexible pricing (rentals, discounts, add ons, shoulder season, peak season) automatically calculated at checkout seats (last minutes seat sales) for VIPs, marketing programs and more

7.multi currency- CAN, GBP, AUS, EURO, GBP, US on the fly~ you pick base currency

8.program variable commissions

9.upload custom client questions and contact info that customer answers at checkout

10.waiver, terms & conditions upload - customer must check to agree before proceeding through checkout

11.include trip description, summary, itineraries, extra information (like gear reqd)

12.set when each departure is removed from online sales 30 min or 30 days so you aren't surprised by a last minute sale

13.return trip: set one trip as the "origin leg" and a second trip as a "return trip" option your clients can choose thier package on your website or your staff can book them in office

14.multiple day packaging:perfect for an accommodation operation or a trip that clients can buy in multiples like rafting days or cat skiing

Client registration either on your web site or in your office

1.accept and track deposit, full payment or balance owing

2.collects all client contact information and customer answers

3.automated balance due reminders

4.automated receipts and post sale collateral email to clients

5.automatically adjusts your inventory in your admin area and web site calendars

6.automatically deducts fees, and generates reports on sales activity for suppliers and resellers

View how the online booking form works here and examples of the system in action

For your office staff

1.when a staff member books a trip the availability auto updates on web site

2.customizable reporting - trip lists, client info, commission, revenues

3.reporting - accounts receivable (balance owing)

4.reporting - search by customer, search by trip date

5.edit orders (transfer/add to order/refund)

6.send statements

7.supplier administration panel / trip summary area (trip editing, profile editing, process in office sales)

8.supplier administration area showing all seat availability at a glance

9.real time database allows staff in variable locations to access system, update trips and process sales from anywhere in the world

10.notes' areas to record special info regarding client (cost sharing) opportunities for print media, tradeshows and internet

12.creates link density for the web sites of all subscribers = better search engine optimization (all suppliers AND portal sites are linked)

13.affordable - 1% transaction fees + credit card fees + applicable distributor commissions that operator programs

14.links to Supplier's email & web site from and all distributor portals

15.access to new agents and potentially unlimited distribution system (AE negotiates large distributor relationships on your behalf)

16.agent / distributor commission tracking

17.agent / distributor commission auto payment

18. staff intranet and multi user logins

Training and Support training and orientation technical support and upgrades manuals/videos

OPTION: Agent Module Add on : Network with existing agents / resellers
The base module allows for portal sales by agents and partners online with a credit card. We distribute all trips in the system to agents
If you require a netrate solution or unique multi user logins for staff you require the Agent Module. It can save up to 90% of your time! :

1.control net rates by trip and by agent

2.agents can see real time availability and book clients on trips, they have to fill out all information you make mandatory

3.client information entered by agent is automatically listed in operator system by agent automatically updates inventory for operator and online receipts and port sale collateral emailed to client

6.control access by agent/staff to just sell trips or refund/transfer/edit/report/use merchant account

7.full reporting for both agent and your staff to view accounts receivable/sales

View a short video of the agent module here

OPTION: Inventory Module If your operation has complicated rules to set availability by for example:
You have a lodge for 20 plus 3 vehicles for transporting clients, 20 pieces of rental gear and advertise a 3,5,7 day tour all using the same inventory the Adventure Engine system can handle it.
If a group books out Dec 25-28th with a 3 day booking the 5 and 7 day will no longer be available.(unless the system manager overrides)

It is perfect for lodges, ships, tours using multi inventory shared across trips that affect availability.

In our experience most tourism operators can mange with the base module and "extras functionality" to manage their inventory and rentals but if you have a complex scenario like the one above - we can handle it. And our staff set it up for you!

rule setting: inventory is assigned rules like:
- is it included or an additional cost
- is it mandatory or optional
- is this item viewable by the client during booking or just for management
- does this item affect availability or not
- black out dates
- transfer clients from one inventory item to another
- base reporting ( customized reporting can be provided)
- prices of inventory (room or transport vehicle etc) pricing can alter based on trip or date
- program a piece of inventory to be used only certain days of trips
- inventory build - a "parent" can be set like Lodge A then "children" added like all the rooms and their individual capacity create availability for the parent lodge
- availability calendar of all items per trip or date range at a glance

inventory is then created based on your organizations needs and assigned to trips, one change to inventory automatically updates all trips that use it

View a short video demo here

And remember:
- customizations on any level of subscription available
Unlimited, free customer support available 6am - 9pm PST seven days / week. Guaranteed 24 hr response time

Take a demo with us to see the system meet your companies needs.

General Features Distributors

1.Portals allow you to display and sell trips right from your own web site

2.RSS feeds to update you daily on new trips, seats sales, new suppliers

3.Agent Netrate product allows you to sell supplier product real time and records payables receivables, client information, trip information and more...

4.XML webservices can populate your web site and/or applications with search, result and purchase functionality. Your IT directs the display to totally integrate to your applications/sites look and feel.

Thousands of trips, over 1 million seats - average commission 10%