Feeds from Adventure Engine

Adventure Engine specializes in centralizing, distributing and selling Adventure Travel.
Feeds are another valuable way we do this.
Hook-up to our RSS feed and you can select the content you wish to see. You can choose activities, seats sales or regional updates on your PC, web site, cellular phone or mobile device.
These feeds can also be used by webmasters to populate the Adventure Engine database with supplier trips .Partner web sites can use feeds to dynamically display trips that match their editorial content on the fly.
(see below)

Personal use: to ensure you have the latest updates on trips that you want to monitor.
You will require a reader to download and view the RSS data. PC readers can be downloaded here , for handheld's and other devices click here.
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Choose the feed you are interested in, copy the URL and paste it into your reader.

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Adventure Engine Business Updates

Webmasters: use the Adventure Engine feed with SOAP application to add content to your site specific to editorial or site content. You can match it up to meta tags in your site and make calls to our database to have trips shown that are of interest to you and your visitors.


Portals are the basic solution provided by Adventure Engine for distributors and suppliers wanting to show product from Adventure Engine on their site and capture commissions.

Suppliers use the portal on their web site to display and sell their trips only. Portals can also be given to their agents and partners to manage commissions and seats sold more effectively. Portals are free for suppliers, and can be set-up for your agent free of charge.

Distributors use the portal to allow consumers to shop for Adventure Engine products belonging to their clients. Distributors can also show all AE products to be sold ‘turnkey’ for a commission. Distributor portals take only minutes to load and fees can range from free set-up with 1% transaction fees to higher level professional systems. See Portals for more information.


Want to add Adventure to your API, web site, search bars and /or aggregator?

Adventure Engine utilizes cutting edge technology to aggregate tour operators inventory then output it in XML format. The data output can be used by any travel company to create customer interfaces/ API that bundles air,hotel with the Adventure Travel product. Adventure Engine provides the one stop feed for over 1000 real time adventure trips and manages tracking and payment.

You can use the feed with a SOAP application to match trip results to your editorial content, client profile pages.
Add an adventure tab to your current search bars beside air,hotel,ground transport and sell experiential travel for a commission.
The feeds can be used to blend adventure travel into your web environment in any way you choose.

Cost: min $1500
An XML datamodel will be provided at request and costing varies based on customizations required by Adventure Engine ( ie if your IT completes the mapping the customization cost is negated)


Feeds into Adventure Engine

Suppliers who already have a sophisticated centralized database can "push" their data to Adventure Engine. This will populate our database so we can show your trips on our main site, our distributor web sites and create an interface for your agents.

** Call Adventure Engine staff for specifications beyond our base documentation or to customize a feed for your organization.