How It Works

You know your customers and programs; we know data. To automate effectively, it’s all in the set up. Here’s how it works. When you register with Adventure Engine, we become part of your IT team. Our staff will load your trips for you until you are satisfied with the look, feel, and administration areas of the system. This includes everything from your customer check out forms, inventory fields, receipts, and so much more.  Then  you’re off to integration and training.

Once trips are programmed to your standards, we provide free unlimited training and support for your staff. This will include training for new staff and partners. We also include all monthly version updates, no manual input required.

Trips are then activated live on your website network so customers can search, review, and buy. They can log back in later to pay the balance owing or to add/edit their trips and information. With the agent module remote staff, agents, and partners can login search for trips, send tentative or completed bookings. All the client information, sales data, commission come to your database automatically.

Selling has never been easier. A sale from your office, website, or agent updates your administration system automatically. You will never overbook seats, inventory, or other trip elements. The funds are transferred directly to you bank account. The customer gets their receipt and even gets notified automatically when their balance owing is due, with a handy link to pay.

Reporting allows you to keep tabs on every aspect of your business from trip reports, customer lists, accounting, agent activity, guest manifests, room reports, inventory lists, and more.

You can find training and guidance on this website by looking at our online videos and by requesting our free training manuals. Click the AE Videos menu item on the above header bar to see a range of training videos. You can also find the downloadable documentation links for manuals on this page.


Connect  us for a free consultation and demo of Adventure Engine to see how it works to optimize your business processes and helps sell more seats, all while saving you time and money.